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Following my medical studies and my residency in dermatology, I started out in account management and medical writing as a trainee at Publicis Vital (Frankfurt). To deepen my knowledge, I completed training as an online journalist and subsequently worked for various companies, mainly in managerial positions, including head of content for the health website vitanet. Because I was still fascinated by pharmaceutical communications, I moved to the full-service agency Brand Health (Frankfurt), where I was medical director and later responsible for the management of the subsidiary meducat, which specialized in medical education.

Despite these accomplishments, I wanted to break new ground and tried my hand at self-employment. And that is exactly what I did, with measurable success. To date, I have partnered with a large and diverse set of clients. Every day I look forward to the new challenges that those clients, and hopefully you, will bring.


Dr. med. Petra Kittner

Bussardweg 27

69123 Heidelberg


Mobile: 0171/896 0171

E-Mail: info@pk-pharmakommunikation.de

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