Curriculum vitae


Work Experience

• Self-employed since March 2012
• June 2008 - February 2012: Medical Director at Brand Health GmbH, Frankfurt / Main
• January 2010 - December 2011: Managing Director at meducat GmbH, Frankfurt / Main
• February 2002 - May 2008: Head of content management at Vitanet GmbH, Mannheim, Germany
• September 2000 - February 2002: Freelance work as a medical editor and journalist, especially for online projects
• April 2000 - August 2000 : Online editor at GHS Health Service AG in Ludwigsburg
• June 1998 - May 1999: Trainee Account Management at Publicis Vital GmbH in Frankfurt


Medical Education


• December 1998: Medical license and MD degree
• 1994: Beginning of my doctoral thesis in the field of gynecology and neonatology at the UFK Heidelberg. Topic: "Influence of premature rupture of the membranes on the fetal outcome in preterm infants with a gestational age below 34 weeks of pregnancy"
• 1989-1996: Medical studies at the University of Heidelberg


Additional Education


• September 2001 - February 2002: Continued professional development "Online Journalism" at the Academy for Continuing Education at the Universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim e.V.
International Experience


• July 1994: Clinical traineeship in gynecology in Coventry, England
• January-March 1989: Au pair in Paris



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