Many well-known companies already rely on my services as medical writer. Here you can find a list of previous projects. If you want to know more, I would be delighted to respond to your request.


  • Web content, infographics, slidekits
  • Target group: physicians

Asthma / COPD

  • Web content for patients’ portal
  • Multi-channel-campaign GP's and medical specialists
  • Congress report, press release ERS International Congress

CNS: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dementia, sleep disorders,  Alzheimer's disease

  • Detail aid, mailings, brochures, flyers, case reports,  patient guides, scientific documents, diaries,  training materials, CME event
  • Target groups: consumers, doctors, pharmacists, field force
  • Medical consulting, concept development and implementation


  • Patient brochure psoriasis
  • Scientific brochure hair loss
  • HyaluronFiller: case reports, factsheets, press releases
  • HAE: study summaries, conference reports, press releases, special publications
  • Expert interview inflammatory skin disorders
  • Specialist article topical treatment of atopic dermatitis


  • Content for patient web portal and awareness campaigns
  • Preparation and summary of scientific studies, web content for physicians' portal
  • Newsletters and press releases
  • Consulting with regard to campaign development for fast acting insulin

Gynecology: menopause, contraception

  • Advertorials, web content, iPhone app
  • Target group: gynaecologists, consumers
  • Content creation


  • Study summaries

Hearing aids

  • Consulting, concept development and content writing of newsletters
  • Target group: EBT specialists

Internal medicine: cardiology

  • Content support for training DVD on pulmonary hypertension
  • Target group: cardiologists

Internal medicine: gastroenterology

  • Opioid induced constipation, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, bowel cleansing, heartburn, GERD, stoma managament, clostridium difficile infection (CDI), eosinophilic esophagitis, colonic diverticulosis 
  • Concept development, creation of web content, press releases, congress reports, journal articles, translation case reports, mailings, broschures, translation of slidekits

Internal medicine: nephrology

  • Topics: renal failure, solutions for peritoneal dialysis, hemofiltration and hemodialysis, hemofilter
  • Interactive PDF, brochures, App, patient folder
  • Target groups: nephrologists, consumer
  • Concept development, creation of content

Internal medicine: endocrinology/thyroid disease

  • Medical and editorial management of the website, concept development for and supervision of KOL workshops and expert forums, design and implementation of content for pediatric patient training
  • Target groups: resident doctors, endocrinologists

 Oncology: biosimilars

  • Product monographs, study folders, handouts, fact sheets guidelines national and international
  • Target groups: oncologists, internists, pharmacists
  • Copywriting and revision

Oncology: monoclonal antibodies

  • Study summaries, e-detailings (iPad), short movies, web content, iPad-Apps, factsheets, background text
  • Target groups: oncologists, field sales force, trade press, consumer
  • Concept development and content creation

Oncology: topoisomerase inhibitors

  • International product website
  • target group: oncologists
  • content creation

Oncology: tyrosine kinase inhibitors

  • Study summaries, brochures, e-detailings (web-based, iPad) national and international, slidekits
  • Target groups: oncologists, consumers
  • Concept development and content creation


  • Patient brochures glaucoma and diabetic macular edema
  • Copywriting and revision


  • Case report calcifying tendinitis
  • Target group: orthopaedist
  • Content creation for professional journal

OTC: cough therapy

  • Advertorials, supplement, product flyer, training concept, study summaries, maintenance guide
  • Target groups: general practioners, internists, pharmacists, sales force, consumer
  • Concept development and content creation, strategic consulting

OTC: dietary supplements

  • Trade press releases, health tips as iPhone app
  • Target group: physicians, pharmacists, consumers
  • Concept development and copywriting

OTC: fever and pain medication

  • Web content for consumer portals
  • Press releases
  • Consultation on online press page 
  • Content development for training for pharmacists 

OTC: memory and concentration, pain, tinnitus, vertigo, dry eye

  • Conceptual advice and web content for consumer portal

OTC: UV protection

  • Interactive web-based training on the topic of sun and UV protection; integrated quiz and award program
  • Target group: consumers
  • Overall concept development, content and implementation

Pain management

  • Concept development, concept adaption, translation and copywriting for an international premarketing campaign


  • Consultation, adaption and translation of content for an international iPad-App on the topic of vaccination

Urology: erectile dysfunction

  • Sales folder, patients brochure, leaflet, mailing, online guide
  • Target groups: urologists, consumer
  • Concept development and content creation

Urology: transitional cell carcinoma/prostatic cancer

  • Congress report, interviews, special publications
  • Target group: urologists

Orphan Diseases

  • Value dossiers national and international for orphan drugs

Interdisciplinary projects:

  • Concept development for online training for pharmacy staff
  • Website relaunch press portal

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