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Pregnant colle­ague in the office — Beware of the “infec­tion risk”

Pregnancy is not conta­gious, but it can have a copycat effect –espe­ci­ally among female colle­agues. A study by rese­ar­chers at the State Insti­tute for Family Rese­arch at the Univer­sity of Bamberg (ifb) found that women in parti­cular are influenced by a pregnancy in their imme­diate profes­sional environment.

The effect is parti­cu­larly strong among female colle­agues of appro­xi­m­ately the same age. The proba­bi­lity of pregnancy is almost twice as high in the year after a colle­ague becomes a mother. The rese­ar­chers attri­bute this to mecha­nisms such as social lear­ning and social support.

Buyukkececi Z et al. Family, Firms, and Ferti­lity: A Study of Social Inter­ac­tion Effects. Demo­graphy 2020;57: 243–266.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s13524-019–00841‑y

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